Britain won’t stop creating Black refugees and economic migrants

Siblings, please note the following contextual points and raison d’être regarding the recent UK government’s multi-million pound Rwanda re-trafficking newsflash. The Rwanda-UK Migration and Economic Development Partnership will mean migrants, who entered, or sought to enter the UK illegally are transferred to Rwanda. In Rwanda, the arrivals will go through the journey of either immigration or seeking asylum.

Point 1 
Before 2011, the only Libyans in Britain were students with student visas. During Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's tenure, the social, political, and economic position of Black Libyans was admired by other Afrikan nations. Free housing, energy, and good jobs resulted from an ambitious social program. Their lives mattered. There were no "slave auctions" in Libya at the time, unlike in post-Gadaffi Libya. It went from being one of the poorest countries in Afrika to be its leader in the Human Development Index in 2011.  

Fast forward to today’s Libya, where the British/French/NATO invasion resulted in the destruction of Black Libyan lives, creating a desperate flight from displacement, enslavement, poverty, persecution, incarceration, starvation, and general White supremacist induced Arab savagery. Therefore, there should be no surprise, dismay, electioneering, triumphalism that Libyan refugees, asylum seekers, and economic migrants — a setup created by the invasion of their country, illegal change of its government by Britain, France, and NATO, and the unlawful killing of their generous leader — head for Britain.

Point 2
Before NATO member countries (including Britain and America) armed the mujahideen (who later formed the Taliban) to fight the Soviet Union there was no "flood" of Black migrants headed for Europe. The Saudis later armed White supremacist proxy Islamic militias like Al Qaeda, Isis, and Boko Haram, now destabilizing numerous Afrikan countries.

Point 3
Before Saudi Arabia was armed by Britain with weapons that play a central role in the genocidal attritional war waged in Yemen, there were no rickety, unsafe boatloads of our people heading to Britain across the English Channel. The war has created a humanitarian crisis and has generated thousands, if not millions, of refugees, asylum seekers, and economic migrants. In an interview clip with Democracy Now, Indian economist Jayati Gosh said, "But more people have died in Yemen [than in Ukraine] in the last three months, with arms provided by the U.S. and very, very brutal attacks." 

Point 4
Prime minister Boris "piccaninny" Johnson, Home Secretary Priti "deport dem" Patel and their government's "global leveling up" of international policies on immigration and refugees must be fairer and seen to be so, in light of the relatively humane treatment of Ukraine refugees (notwithstanding the treatment of Afrikan's in Ukraine) when compared to the outright racist treatment of our people coming from Libya, Central Afrika, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia in the UK. Our people have had their societies destroyed and severely destabilized directly or indirectly by Western Europe.

Point 5
Having opened its arms to "White" Ukrainians, Johnson’s government intends to "compensate" wavering Red Wall voters by re-trafficking our people equally deserving asylum seekers to poor, underdeveloped Rwanda. This is a "new" form of despicable globalization — outsourcing "low-skilled," low-waged, tedious, or nasty little jobs to process so-called "unwanted" and vulnerable human beings — for a few pennies per pound.

Rwanda may never be able to come collect

National elections come round, administrations change, and succeeding governments may be unlikely to pay (quickly or otherwise) debts incurred for services they do or did not support. After all, it happened to the Iranians, who’d paid upfront for military hardware sold in 1971 but were never delivered in part because Britain changed both government and policy shortly after the deal (money, not the hardware, was paid only this year to free hostages).

So the logical consequence of this cautionary tale is that if Britain’s re-trafficking scheme passes legal standards and is implemented, Rwanda or any other country attracted to the plan should take total and not partial (as proposed) payment upfront for each safe passage of re-trafficked refugees. Bearing in mind that the subtext to this type of globalization is that White supremacy truly believes that Afrikans belong in Afrika, if anywhere at all, and that Europeans and Americans should not have to pay for this to happen.

“This is a ‘new’ form of despicable globalization — outsourcing ‘low-skilled,’ low-waged, tedious, or nasty little jobs to process so-called ‘unwanted’ and vulnerable human beings — for a few pennies per pound”

It cannot be overstated that Rwanda’s record on human rights is not good despite convenient whitewashing and defending of Rwanda by Boris “piccaninny” Johnson and ministers as “one of the safest countries in the world, globally recognized for its record of welcoming and integrating migrants.” Black asylum seekers will presumably be given one-way tickets to a country that genocided one million of its own “unwanted” people less than 30 years ago, courtesy of colonial and neo-colonial influences of France and Belgium, and who has reputedly tortured its citizens. Consider a scenario in which Britain hasn’t fully paid up for re-trafficked services, and Rwandans run out of patience exacerbated by any unrest among the re-trafficked.

“So, what’s the solution (s)?” Boris “piccaninny” Johnson asked

The single most effective solution to the problem of “unwanted” Black refugees, and economic migrants darkening British and European shores, is that Britain stops invading and creating security problems in Black countries, either directly or by proxy; and stop voting with those UN Security Council and NATO member states, like France and USA who do.

“The subtext to this type of globalization is that White supremacy truly believes that Afrikans belong in Afrika, if anywhere at all; and that Europeans and Americans should not have to pay for this to happen”

The most crucial long-term solution is that Britain desist from selling weapons to disreputable arms dealers and countries like Saudi Arabia, who use them to destabilize Black and Brown countries like Somalia, Central Afrikan Republic, Mozambique, Chad, Mali, Ethiopia, and Yemen; thereby creating perennial refugees and economic migrants crises.

A just response is to issue short-term renewable visas for the duration of displacement crises caused by White supremacists induced wars; in countries such as Libya, Yemen, Syria, Mozambique, and the Central Afrikan Republic; and deploy or house these refugees in UK regions where there are jobs. After all, according to UK chancellor Rishi Sunak, and as we all know, Britain has plenty of jobs in services, supply trades, and fruit and vegetable picking industries — jobs created by Brexit procedures.

Another “just” response is that Britain pays reparations to Black Libyans displaced by its 2011 invasion of Libya, so they can afford to live in other Afrikan countries and not seek to make a living by becoming people smugglers or traffickers.

Let this be a new age of post-Ukraine “leveled up” justice.

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