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About OBU

In 1964 Malcolm X founded the Organisation of African American Unity (OAAU). The goal was to bring together all Black activists and organisations in the United States to coordinate and strategise the way forward for the community. We have updated the idea to bring it in the 21st Century, founding the Organisation of Black Unity in the UK, with the first chapter in Birmingham. We aim to build a mass membership organisation to work with existing groups to support the activity in the Black community and to create new programmes where necessary.

About Make It Plain

Make It Plain is the editorial wing of Harambee OBU.

We amplify the voices of our community

The editorial team of Make It Plain are always on the lookout for fresh voices to contribute to the cause. We are seeking passionate, committed writers to join in with the conversation and to make this a safe space for radical thoughts.

Why should you write for us?

Make It Plain seeks to be the go-to hub for radical Black thought and community perspectives, highlighting the issues that matter and underlining their specific relevance to our communities. By contributing to our platform, not only do you help us further this important mission but you also become a core part of the change we hope to collectively realise.

Who can contribute?

We welcome contributions from Black people regardless of geographical location. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our content and read our about us page ahead of submitting a piece to ensure your perspective is a good fit.

What are we interested in?

We generally have four categories of written content – interviews & reviews, opinion, community news and community history. We reserve the right to refuse pieces that go against our ethos and welcome you to view our content and submission guide prior to submission. Remember Make It Plain is a safe space for radical thought within the global Black community.

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