Afro metaphysics: Black spirituality for the 21st century

If there is one thing that sets afro metaphysics apart from other forms of metaphysical study and practice, it is that it is rooted in physics above all other factors.

Metaphysics appears in myriad forms, from holistic healing to cosmology, and all approaches are valid for what they represent. Afro metaphysics represents the approach that we are divine spiritual beings having a physical experience. The secret to bringing forth our divinity into physical reality is to understand and practice physics. Afro metaphysics has always been exclusive to Africans, on the continent, and throughout the Diaspora. It was created to be a safe place for Black people to explore alternatives and plot a course forward. The study of metaphysics is a spiritual pursuit that offers us a way forward based on the laws of physics. We practice metaphysical principles in the service of Black liberation.

Why would a form of spirituality, meant exclusively for Black people, not start from something more churchy like meditation or worship? The reason is that as a people, we are not as attuned to how science applies to our reality as we need to be. Looking at science first allows us to create our destiny on purpose with a purpose. There is no shortage of Black folks who are religious and believe in an almighty god. However, we are much less aware that the almighty god is us and that we can prove it for ourselves in our everyday lives.

Why would a form of spirituality, meant exclusively for Black people, not start from something more churchy like meditation or worship?

Everything in physical existence obeys the cosmic equation:

E = mc²

Mathematics is a language as surely as English or Swahili is. That’s why mathematicians can literally read mathematical formulas and equations and translate them into words. To visualize our relationship to our cosmic mother, ourselves, and to the universe we inhabit, we have to become comfortable with the cosmic equation. We have to be able to read this sentence to say:

“Energy is all there is. Energy and matter are one and the same thing and are converted from one to the other according to the frequency of vibration of each”

Energy vibrating at a slow enough frequency to become a material reality is still Energy with a capital E, retaining all the characteristics of its higher vibration. Every physical manifestation, whether it is a tree or rock or a beloved pet, appears in physical reality according to its energy signature and its rate of vibration, causing it to be. Our energy signature causes us to be a human being, or more precisely, a God/dess being human.

According to our very nature as divinity in human form, what we do is use the workings of the cosmic equation to bring our mental creations into physical manifestation. We do this whether we understand or subscribe to the process or not. Therefore, Black liberation theology teaches that we learn to have faith in ourselves, our REAL selves, by witnessing ourselves creating on purpose with a purpose. We deliberately make matter from energy.

It’s very easy to accept that divinity works through us to bring good into the world. What’s difficult is to accept that divinity works as us to do this. And because even god/dess works with the laws of physics on the material plane, learning what these laws are and beginning every endeavor from this starting point means that we can create whatever we will by obeying and cooperating with cosmic law.

Once we are convinced that everything that appears in our physical universe is a result of the operation of the cosmic equation, we can then proceed to test how we, as human beings, have inherited the ability to create on purpose. This means that rather than leave our fates up to a capricious deity whose favor we may or may not have, and rather than feeling restricted and hopeless based on what is going on in the outer world, we can take control of our futures by the faculty of consciousness. Consciousness is that frequency of vibration that interfaces with both realms — the divine and the mundane. Thus we add the capital C that represents human consciousness to the cosmic equation, between the E and the mc²

E = EnergyC = Consciousnessm = matter= the vibrational frequency required for the transformation
E = C = mc²

The cosmic equation is a continuous feedback loop. All the elements are equivalent and interchangeable. It is the simple blueprint for how creation on the physical plane occurs.

Energy creates Consciousness
Consciousness creates matter
matter always returns to its pure form, Energy

What this means for Black people in America, struggling under a fascist state, in the midst of a global pandemic where we are most at risk, is that we have nothing to lose by thinking outside the box and starting to see ourselves as, and believing ourselves to be, our own savior. Just because we have never lived in a just society on these shores does not mean we are doomed to live that way forever. The answer is to have faith in ourselves, not some invisible pie-in-the-sky, Neptune-like figure or even our dead and gone ancestors to save us. The answer is to have the courage to test and prove for ourselves that by turning to and practicing the physics that governs the universe we inhabit, we can transform our existence.

“What this means for Black people… is that we have nothing to lose by thinking outside the box and starting to see ourselves as, and believing ourselves to be, our own savior”

We are not helpless. Nor should we feel hopeless. On the contrary, using our understanding and practice of the cosmic equation, we can support one another in creating an entirely new vision, therefore an entirely new future, for ourselves and our descendants. Toward this end, I am working on my next book, Black Liberation Theology, which is an entirely new way of looking at our spirituality. It is specific to Black people, based in physics, and is both radical and revolutionary. Black liberation theology unflinchingly calls for what it calls Black Power Socialism as the economic model for achieving Black liberation. It lays out the benefits of practicing cooperative economics among ourselves in our own communities and suggests other methods for achieving Black economic autonomy and self-sufficiency globally. Economic independence is regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for the Black liberation movement worldwide.

Inward, and inter-dimensional, to the manifestation of our goals!

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