Malcolm X

Kehinde Andrews

What would Malcolm say?

Malcolm X is one of the most important figures in Black history and perhaps the most misunderstood. His outspokenness and uncompromising words have meant it has been easy for people to misuse his legacy and claim him for all kinds of purposes.

Kehinde Andrews

X is for Malcolm

Malcolm has remained popular because he spoke the truth, was never afraid to make it plain, and took an uncompromising stance on politics. Whether it was calling out White racists, both liberal and conservative, or condemning the integrationist agenda of the civil rights movement.

Kehinde Andrews

The least interesting part of Malcolm’s life was his death

Excited was not the emotion when I heard that Netflix was running a documentary about Malcolm X’s assassination. Skeptical would be a better one, but who-dun-its are the flavor of the month with crime-related stories littering Netflix, television, film, and podcasts.

Kehinde Andrews

The most interesting part of Malcolm’s life was his blueprint for revolution

Simply assassinating the character of Malcolm, controlling how he is remembered, and removing the OAAU’s radical program of action from that memory is the perfect way to dismantle his political agenda.

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