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As a thank you to subscribers we have created a Make It Plain book club where we will explore new books and classic texts. In keeping with the ethos of Make it Plain we will be making recommendations as well as criticism. As part of the book club you will have access to:

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Some of these books about racism are not just bad, they are dangerous

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Remembering Claudia Jones beyond Notting Hill Carnival

Countless Black figures were born or passed away on this day.   Malcolm X, the inspiration behind this platform,  passed in 1965. Nina Simone was born onthis day in 1933. Robert Mugabe in 1924. And more still. Yet few seem to have been overlooked as much as Claudia Jones. The foremost scholarly work on her life […]

Policing terms like House Negro insults Black political thought

Sunday 21st February will mark 56 years since the assassination of Malcolm X, long enough for people to embrace the figure but ignore his politics. In an age of so-called ‘decolonial’ education and PR commitments to racial justice it is disappointing how little people have actually engaged with the intellectual ideas that have shaped this […]

Revolution is necessary in the new age of empire

If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist, then the main achievement of White supremacy is deluding us into thinking we are making racial progress. We are promised that the world is on the right track: after all slavery was abolished, independence granted to the colonies, the […]

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